[thelist] Favorite GoLive & Dreamweaver tutorial sites

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Wed Oct 2 08:30:04 CDT 2002

Hello Laura and Mark,

Thanks for sharing your bokkmark links!

If anyone else should have some favorite links for his own. I would grateful
if he/she could post their favorite link resources to the list.


Enjoy your day ...

graphically yours,

Marc Kleín - PXL Operator

>Hello Marc,
>For Macromedia Dreamweaver MX I would suggest the following
>If you are looking for short tutorial movies then take a look at VTC's
>Dreamweaver MX Fundamentals (the first three chapters are free)

> Mine are listed here:
> <http://www.d.umn.edu/goto/dreamweaver>
> Laura
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> Laura L. Carlson
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> University of Minnesota Duluth
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> mailto:lcarlson at d.umn.ed

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