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Tamara Nelson tamara at sanctusmoo.com
Wed Oct 2 09:16:00 CDT 2002

Work just fine on a Win 98 PC running IE 6
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> Hello all.  One of my visitors says they are having problems accessing my
> I have tested and checked everything I can think of, and I can't find any
> problem.  The user can actually access the site, but when they click on a
> for another page, it times out.
> I have asked them to do a traceroute and ping the server and both of those
> back looking fine.  No high ping times and no timeouts.  I have asked the
> to try accessing my site from another machine, but he insists nothing is
> on his end since "I can get to all the other sites on the internet with no
> problem".  He has even gone as far as to contact his ISP for them to
> Same problem.  He now wants me to call them and troubleshoot with them.
> Anyhow, can anyone suggest anything or any ideas?  He doesn't seem to want
> take my suggestions and try another machine because he thinks it is my
> Also, if anyone has a minute, try hitting http://www.redhotsweeps.com/ &
> http://www.toylandtoys.com/ and let me know if there are any connection
> thanks
> Chris
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