[thelist] checking for unclosed objects in ASP

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Wed Oct 2 09:27:04 CDT 2002

Means, Eric D wrote:
> Set x = Nothing
> right before your Response.End (where x is the name of an object)

that's what I was thinking of doing...  just hoping there was a more
generic method that I could include in my debug fxn

> Actually, the ASP engine should clean up any objects allocated on the page
> when the response completes.

Are you sure on that?  I thought that Response.End stopped the
processing completely, not even cleaning up first, and just sent the
current Response contents as is..?

> (Oh, and objects -- esp. DB related objects -- should *never* go in Session
> or Application level variables for concurrency and performance reasons.)

Yep, nup, definitely not doing that :)

Thanks Eric,
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