[thelist] checking for unclosed objects in ASP

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Wed Oct 2 09:41:01 CDT 2002

won't block up the list again, but - thanks so much for your help Chris,

Chris Blessing wrote:
>>>Actually, the ASP engine should clean up any objects allocated
>>on the page
>>>when the response completes.
>>Are you sure on that?  I thought that Response.End stopped the
>>processing completely, not even cleaning up first, and just sent the
>>current Response contents as is..?
> I believe if you response.end the page, the objects may linger until either
> the connections timeout (any db connections, for example, and
> records/recordsets contained within) or the engine itself removes the
> objects from memory.  Of course we all know how well this works... just look
> at the amazing uptime of any Windows server!  We tend to get at most a month
> out of ours... doh.  Then again we're talkin NT4/IIS4/ASP2 so that may make
> a difference.  Anyhow, I digress, yes it will clean up after you to a
> certain degree.
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