[thelist] RE: Wordsearch in ASP/Access

listman at hazard0us.org listman at hazard0us.org
Wed Oct 2 09:57:01 CDT 2002

>I do really
>want an exact match if possible, I often spend ages when using a search
>facility on a site only to discover it is not searching for the exact word
>want. I'm not afraid of working this out for myself, but I don't really
>what I'm looking for, having tried Google and 4 Guys, and I really need to
>get on with this. Anyone ???

Actually come to think of it, you could even use the standard IIS indexing
To make it easy for the indexing service to index all the informatio , you
will just
have to make sure that every possible page on the website is linked
to from somewhere in the website.

Run the indexing service crawler on your website root, it should index all
possible pages.  Search queries against the index server catalogs are
always matched
against word breakers, you can continue to use access.

And it should definitely run faster than using a 'select' with a 'like' or
fulltext indexing..


Ashok Hariharan

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