[thelist] Design: Inspiration?

carole guevin carole at pixeltable.com
Wed Oct 2 10:02:01 CDT 2002

hi Frank,

:Where (on-line) do you go to find images that inspire you for new
:designs? I often find that if I have an image, or something

please visit this page - there are a lot of design portals listed -

on a recent survey here are the 10 visited voted by our audience:

surfstation -> http://www.surfstation.lu

netdiver -> http://netdiver.net

designiskinky.net -> http://www.designiskinky.net

linkdup.com -> http://www.linkdup.com

k10k.net -> http://www.k10k.net

pixelsurgeon -> http://www.pixelsurgeon.com

threeoh -> http://www.threeoh.com

coolhomepages.com -> http://www.coolhomepages.com

newstoday.com -> http://www.newstoday.com

mediainspiration -> http://www.mediainspiration.com


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