[thelist] way around frames issues?

Austin Govella austin at desiremedia.com
Wed Oct 2 10:31:01 CDT 2002

Roger, I'd agree with Susan about considering taking your website out of
frames, especially if one of your priorities is people finding your
website. Frames can really hamstring a search engine's ability to find and
index your website.

Not only that, when people do arrive at an interior page without your nav
(and probably without your logo), they may be disoriented and find it
easier to go to a competitor's page.

That being said, there are a few scripts that function like your homepage
script. If a user arrives at an internal page without the frameset, the
script loads the frameset and places the internal page in the proper
content frame.

I found a couple via a quick Google search for "frameset javascript" (not
necessarily the best search terms):



NetKonkret.com (looks like it has the same article as EchoEcho):

Hope these are of some help.


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