[thelist] Difference in time

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> I was trying to use the mktime( ) function but it keeps giving me these
> results.(( 1033578795 )) The last few
> numbers change but the first few (that as suppose to be the hour) does
> not change?

mktime() returns the time in Unix format (seconds since midnight, Jan 1
1970).  That's why only the last few digits are changing.

> I want to be able to say if 1 hour has passed from the time .. mktime( )
> .. that is stored in the db they can vote once again. This also has to
> account that if someone goes to the poll tomorrow at the same time (same
> hour) the script knows it's a different hour and different day.

Do the following:
Subtract the value from the database from the value you get by plugging in
"now" into the mktime function.  If that value is greater than 3600 (60
minutes/hour * 60 seconds/minute) then it's been more than one hour.

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