[thelist] FreeType library on MEO?

Bob C rc_11 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 2 13:44:01 CDT 2002

PHP newbie here.  I'm working on some tutorial
materials building graphics.  Two functions I'm trying
to use, that the server appears not to like are
imagettfbbox() and imagettftext().  The help file says
that both GD Library and FreeType Library need to be
present on the server.  When I do a phpInfo() on the
server, I see that GD's there and FreeType's there
too.  It's possible I have a spelling error there, but
I tried a simple script and while I didn't get the
same error (Could not find/open font in ...), the
image does not appear.  I get an x'd out graphic box.
I've been able to create other graphics using PHP.  I
do have the TTF file (arial.ttf) sitting in the
directory with the php file.

Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance.


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