[thelist] javascript form submission causing errors

colin bocmaxima at wtez.net
Wed Oct 2 16:25:01 CDT 2002

Hello list,

I've been working on a project for what seems like forever, and have been
having odd problems with a form submission (I did not design the form, and I
don't have time to change it very much).
To check the form, there's an onsubmit to a function which then returns the
values and submits the form. After you search it once, if you try to hit
back or anything another submit gives you an error. Basically the only thing
that keeps it from giving an error that I've found is reloading the page,
which I do through a window.location (it's in frames).
I couldn't figure this out until I saw that there is a javascript error
after the first submission "document.form1.submit is not a function"
It gives no other errors. Why is it refusing to accept submit as a proper

Any help would be appreciated.
Feel free to email: bocmaxima at wtez.net


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