[thelist] FW: MAC Addresses/Physical Address!

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Wed Oct 2 17:56:01 CDT 2002

Mark Anderson wrote:

> Thanks for that info someone else also mentioned that mac addresses could be
> spoofed BUT it's useful to have some info to show them! But realistically
> how easy is it to spoof especially as the client's users won't be aware that
> the check is there?

Well, easy is easy, and even "possible" means it *will* happen, so
the real question isn't technical, it's "what is the fiscal impact
of our licensing scheme being cracked?" :-)

> What I need to be able to show is a 'relatively' unique number that my
> client can use in their database and can be interrogated programmatically
> and returned to the database to check the system is up to date etc and the
> number should not be easily altered by the client's users?

You can generate a unique number at signup time. As Judah said, the
MAC address isn't available remotely, and obtaining it from within
the browser seems, er, problematic, so I don't believe that meets
your requirements anyway.

Unless the thing being offered is client software the user installs.
Then it's a whole different story...

Is the client's offering code or content?
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