[thelist] Illustrator color shift

Chris Johnston chris at fuzzylizard.com
Wed Oct 2 23:41:01 CDT 2002

The first two questions that I must ask are 1. is your monitor
calibrated correctly and 2. are you working on a Mac or a PC?

If your monitor is not calibrated correctly using Photoshop Gamma or
hardware calibration - or his monitor is not calibrated correctly - then
this will account for why he sees a nice dark green and you see black.

Also, if you are opening the files on a PC while he is creating them on
a Mac can also account for the color change. PC's and Mac's use
different gammas and colour spaces.

As for a bug, I really don't know. Is there an embedded colour profile
in the file that he is sending you that is different from the colour
space you are using for Illustrator?

Just some things to think about.


Kathy Long wrote:

>I have Illustrator 9 on a Mac and am attempting to create Web images with
>it. I normally work right in ImageReady and Photoshop, but this particular
>client is an Adobe Illustrator illustrator, so that is how I got his files.
>Problem is, every which way I try I cannot get the images out of there
>without the colors shifting drastically. I tried opening in PS, copying into
>PS, saving for the Web - both gif and jpg; nothing works. Interestingly when
>I just open the file it evidently isn't even displaying correctly because I
>see almost black when he says the color is a dark green. If I make it look
>green to me, then save it as a gif, then it becomes much lighter green.
>He's using Illustrator 8 on a Mac and can save in Illustrator as a jpg and
>the colors will stay true. When I save as a jpg, the colors fade and get
>dirty looking. He doesn't like the way it looks when we save as a gif
>because he uses gradients, but saving as a gif changes the colors as well
>I know my biggest problem is he's used to dealing with print and so it wants
>absolute perfection, so the best I can offer is to make it look good on his
>monitor and he'll think it looks good for everyone. But I can't even get
>Is there a really bad color bug in Illustrator 9 that perhaps was corrected
>with version 10? Or is there another workaround.
>Your help is much appreciated. Thank you.
chris at fuzzylizard.com

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