[thelist] Negative margins?

Ron Derksen ron-derksen at wanadoo.nl
Thu Oct 3 04:27:00 CDT 2002


I'm new to this list, so I'll introduce myself very briefly. I've been
as a Lotus Domino web developer
for the past three years and in my spare time I've dabbled with PHP and
ASP.NET. I've recently decided that my
goal for the future is becoming the top guy for HTML/CSS/JS (i.e. frontend
development) in my company.

To get more to grips with the possibilities of CSS, I've been trying to
the following page:
from a table layout to a CSS layout. As you can see, it's not the easiest
to get working :)
I have to say that it's going better than I expected, but I've run into a
little problem. On this page:
you can see what I've done so far.

I've left out the toplevel menu, since it's generated by a script and will
easy to fit in.
I've also added some nicely colored borders to show the most important

So, back to my problem:
I've moved the red-bordered div up by ca. 100 pixels (with top:-100px;).
div is nested in the orange-bordered div.
Because I've moved the red div up, the parent div has a gap at the bottom of
exactly the same size.
What I need, though, is that the gap isn't there, so that the div at the
lines up against the red-bordered div.
I've tried to do this with a negative margin value, but it doesn't seem to
work. My hope is that this is caused by my
lack of understanding, but it might be impossible. If anyone can help me,
be obliged.

Ron Derksen

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