[thelist] formatting tables with css

Dunstan Orchard dunstan at 1976design.com
Thu Oct 3 05:19:01 CDT 2002

> Tim Medlen wrote:
> > I can control all the elements of the table tag as I would have done with
> > HTML in css, i.e:
> > <table border="0" width="700px" align="center">
> > etc, except for two rather important ones - cellspacing and cellpadding.
> > How are these controlled in css, if they can be?

don't forget that things like cellpadding, cellspacing, align and valign are
perfectly valid even in xhtml 1.1 strict - we don't have to replace eveything
with css...

and if you are formatting tables with css, can I suggest the use of <thead>,
<tbody>, <tfoot>, and <th> - I use them to target areas for styling and it's
so much easier/more logical than assigning classes to certain rows.


- dunstan

Dorset, England

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