[thelist] reading netscape table height?

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Thu Oct 3 08:30:01 CDT 2002

jtocher wrote:
> The following script works fine on IE
> function tbl_Height(ThisDiv) {
>     if (document.layers){
>         var height = document.layers['txt'+ ThisDiv].document.height + 50;
>     }
>     else if (document.all){
>        var height = document.all['txt'+ThisDiv].clientHeight + 50;
>     }
>     var tbl = window.document.getElementById('tbl');
>     tbl.style.height = height + 'px';
> but, not on Netscape 6 or above

Janice, it won't work in Netscape 4 either...

There are 3 different browser DOM's you're dealing with here: NN4 uses
document.layers, IE4 uses document.all (which will work in IE5 too,
don't know about IE6) and modern browsers (IE5+, NS6+) use

So with your script, the first conditional statement - "if
(document.layers)..." - will work in Netscape 4 only, but the rest of
the script won't.  (I'm assuming from what you've asked that you don't
need NN4 compatibility though.)

To get it working in NS6+ you need to add a 3rd conditional statement
after the IE4 bit:

else {
     height = document.getElementById('txt'+ThisDiv).style.height + 50;

A couple of notes -- you should avoid using variable names that are
already names of other elements, attributes, properties, etc.  This
practice could get you into hot water somewhere along the track.  Also,
it's nice programming style to declare your variable once at the start
rather than again and again throughout the code.

so your function now becomes:

function tbl_Height(ThisDiv) {
    var h, tbl;
    if (document.layers){
       h = document.layers['txt'+ ThisDiv].document.height + 50;
       // code to set table height in NN4 would go here
    } else if (document.all) {
       h = document.all['txt'+ThisDiv].clientHeight + 50;
       tbl.style.height = h;
    } else {
       h = parseInt(document.getElementById('txt'+ThisDiv).style.height);
       h += 50;
       tbl = window.document.getElementById('tbl');
       tbl.style.height = h;

Note the use of the parseInt() function when getting the div height, as
thediv.style.height returns the appended 'px' too.

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