[thelist] looking for interfase example of tree in html

Eduardo Dominguez lalo at teligens.com
Thu Oct 3 09:34:01 CDT 2002

I am looking for an example GUI in html for a "tree". It doesnt
necesarily have to use DHTML, but it has to be able to crated from a
database and stored in it.

What I currently have is a table (html) that shows the tree (which is
nothing more than a directory tree). Every <tr> is a directory. I want
to be able to move directories around (change the level and the parent).
Current way to achieve this is with a link for every operation. Eg, an
"up" changes the order of the directory, a "left" link decreases the the
level. This works fine, but as you can see, one can only change one item
a time. I am looking for a way to change more than one item (directory)
and then storing the changes in the db; probably by using dhtml but I'm
sure there might be other ways.

I hope I explained myself since I dont have any example URLs.
Thanks in advance for any help and/or pointers.


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