[thelist] Latest IE release has URL forwarding problems (302 document moved)

Seth Bienek seth at sethbienek.com
Thu Oct 3 11:51:01 CDT 2002

I wanted to put this out there, see if any one else is experiencing it,
and how other people are handling it.

My current project uses several generations of code by various
programmers, one recurring piece of which sends a 302 header
(<cflocation>) to another page, which includes another 302.

The purpose of this is to forward the user to another URL rather than
the one the browser requested, and it has worked correctly for several
years, and on all browsers (afaik), until the latest release of IE.

About two weeks ago we had a customer call and complain that they were
receiveing an error message that said "302 document moved.  Click here
to be forwarded to the new url.".  Since then we have had more customers
call with the same problem, and have narrowed it down to people who have
recently updated their IE broswer from version 6.0 or earlier, and
people who have installed the XP Service Pack.

Apparently, instead of forwarding the user to the new URL automatically,
IE now displays a 302 message in it's place, thereby (undoubtedly)
breaking many web applications that use the 302 header for redirection.

Has anyone else been affected by this, and what solutions are being
used?  For now, we are using Javascript to do the forwarding (rewriting
the affected templates is impractical for this project), but this is a
less than ideal solution.



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