[thelist] Illustrator color shift

Michael Mell mike at nthwave.net
Thu Oct 3 11:59:22 CDT 2002

I've had lots of this same kind of trouble.
My present solution is to Export the file from Illustrator10 to a .psd file. I
open the .psd in ImageReady7 and it is usually perfect. I think the method
works in Illustrtor9.

The second best method is to Save For Web from Illustrator.


by the way, Illustator10 has a cool new feature which lets you import an xml
file as data for an Illustrator graphics file. The Ill file is like a template
which can display a combination of data and graphics specified in the xml file
-- very cool.

Kathy Long wrote:

> I have Illustrator 9 on a Mac and am attempting to create Web images with
> it. I normally work right in ImageReady and Photoshop, but this particular
> client is an Adobe Illustrator illustrator, so that is how I got his files.
> Problem is, every which way I try I cannot get the images out of there
> without the colors shifting drastically. I tried opening in PS, copying into
> PS, saving for the Web - both gif and jpg; nothing works. Interestingly when
> I just open the file it evidently isn't even displaying correctly because I
> see almost black when he says the color is a dark green. If I make it look
> green to me, then save it as a gif, then it becomes much lighter green.
> He's using Illustrator 8 on a Mac and can save in Illustrator as a jpg and
> the colors will stay true. When I save as a jpg, the colors fade and get
> dirty looking. He doesn't like the way it looks when we save as a gif
> because he uses gradients, but saving as a gif changes the colors as well
> anyway.
> I know my biggest problem is he's used to dealing with print and so it wants
> absolute perfection, so the best I can offer is to make it look good on his
> monitor and he'll think it looks good for everyone. But I can't even get
> close.
> Is there a really bad color bug in Illustrator 9 that perhaps was corrected
> with version 10? Or is there another workaround.
> Your help is much appreciated. Thank you.
> Kathy
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