[thelist] ASP/RegExp

Jay Dorsey evolt at hostfx.net
Thu Oct 3 12:28:07 CDT 2002

I'm not terribly familiar w/ ASP's flavor of regex, as I mostly deal w/
ColdFusion, but I do believe a period inside of a class is a literal.

Maybe try

sPattern = "<<wttoc>>([\n]|.)*<</wttoc>>"

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> Here is a great series of articles from 4GuysFromRolla about
> Regular Expressions
> http://4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/031500-1.shtml
> http://4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/031500-1.2.shtml
> http://4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/031500-1.3.shtml
> It's a three part series. Really helpful. Once you read this you will
> have no problems creating the regular expressions you need.

This is a nice set of tutorials, but doesn't really get specific enough
for my needs. For example:

sPattern = "<<wttoc>>.*<</wttoc>>"

sPattern matches "<<wttoc>>Hello There<</wttoc>>" as expected. It also
matches "<<wttoc>>Hello* There<</wttoc>>" as expected. It doesn't match
There<</wttoc>>" as expected. If I wish to also match the latter case, I
would have thought that:

sPattern = "<<wttoc>>[\n.]*<</wttoc>>"

Would have proved successful, but now nothing is matched.


Chris Marsh

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