[thelist] Latest IE release has URL forwarding problems (302 document moved)

Means, Eric D eric.d.means at boeing.com
Thu Oct 3 13:37:01 CDT 2002

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(302 document moved)

> 302 is deprecated in favour of 307, however it's still very widely used.
> Depending on your usage, you may wish to switch to 307, however there are
> two problems with this:

> a) I have no idea what user-agent support is like for this, other than the
> fact it works in mozilla and opera (latest versions).

> b) When redirecting from a POST, opera (and other user-agents, possibly)
> asks the user if they want to GET from or POST to the new location.
> Needless to say, for many people, this renders 307 useless.

What about using a 303?  AFAIK 303 is the same as 307 except it forces the
UA to GET the new location instead of retaining POST.  Any HTTP/1.1 UA
should honor 303's.  (And you can check the contents of the SERVER_PROTOCOL
environment var to see if you're doing 1.1; if you're doing 1.0, just fall
back on 302.)

It's a little more work than just doing Response.Redirect or blindly tossing
a 303, but it should work in all situations.

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