[thelist] testing for Mac platform - emulators on PC?

Chris George chrisg at gsnet.com
Thu Oct 3 17:47:30 CDT 2002

On 10/3/02 4:08 PM, "Joseph A Borg" <jacborg at mac.com> wrote:

> come on, switch over to nirvana... get a mac. Who knows, maybe you'll
> love it...

Hehe. Real subtle. :-P

While we're mentioning it:


Tony Hawk! Q-Bert! It IS nirvana! Or at least Narnia... :-P

Anyway. Yeah, that's actually the best option, imnsho. Even if you only ever
use it for testing. You can even get a fairly old one that will run OS 9
perfect and OS X 'good enough' with a mitt-full of ram (which I see
crucial.com has on for ubercheap).

The bonus to having a Mac with two operating systems (or even just OS 9.x)
on it is you can install a frickin' platoon of web browsers (multiple
copies/versions of Internet Explorer for both OSes, Netscape, iCab, Opera,
Mozilla, Chimera) without problems.

If there are any emulators (I've seen one or two, but they weren't worth
remembering apparently) they really do a poor job emulating.

Anyway. Hope that helps a bit.


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