[thelist] Font Sizes

Lachlan Cannon luminosity at members.evolt.org
Thu Oct 3 21:19:00 CDT 2002

Ben Dyer wrote:
> For years, I've always used 12px (or, back in the day, <font size="2">) as
> a default font size for body text.  But lately I see more and more
> designers wanting to use 10px for body text.  Am I really out of line to
> think that 10px or so is too small for a default font size?  It seems to be
> very hard to read, even for me (although, admittedly, I do have poor
> eyesight).  What does everyone else use for a default?

1em... of course in my browser I have that set to 12 px, and font sizes
to never go below 12 px. So design your site with 1px font size if you
want, it won't bother me. ;)
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