[thelist] Hey Folks

Adam Schwenk adam at adamschwenk.com
Fri Oct 4 02:47:01 CDT 2002

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    I just signed on to this list.  Hopefully I'll learn a lot from you

    I have a question for you folks though.  I decided to use a dhtml
scrollbar that was created by http://www20.brinkster.com/viewsrc/ .  The
scroller is absolutely beautiful, and I'm using it (somewhat
successfully) in my new project
http://www.adamschwenk.com/work/wbie/games.html.  Unfortunately, the
scroller doesn't work for netscape 4.8.  Is there anything I can do to
fix this?  It's relocating the user to a web standards page (I
understand it doesn't comply with W3C spec, but most viewers online
don't care if a browser supports it or not and there are still lots of
users using netscape 4.8).  Anyway, if anyone has any ideas, input,
etc., it would be EXTREMELY helpful!  Thank you!



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