[thelist] Font Sizes

Geoff Sheridan web2k2 at premonition.co.uk
Fri Oct 4 04:05:01 CDT 2002

>So Bob sets his font-size to 12pt, because that is ideal for him, and you
>promptly override it and make the majority of the text on the page 10.8pt
>which is slightly too small for him to read comfortably.
>And Jane sets her font-size to 28pt, because her eyesight isn't very good,
>then you promptly override and set it to 25.2pt.
>Surely anything other then the users preference for the main body text is

But Billy didn't change his default font size because he didn't know
he could, or he didn't think he needed to because nearly all the
sites he visits specify px font sizes.
So your site with font size set to 1em looks pants, with massive 16px
type and Billy thinks you are incompetent.
Billy's wrong, but unfortunately that doesn't make you right.

Me? I set base font size at 80% and then size other text in ems. So there.


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