[thelist] IE 5.0 PC and CSS inline elements

Bird, Graham Graham.Bird at rspb.org.uk
Fri Oct 4 04:33:01 CDT 2002


I am trying to create a horizontal nav bar using A tags and CSS. I have
assigned padding, borders, etc. to the tags, but IE 5.0 PC doesn't support
inline padding or border. Are there any CSS workarounds to present different
CSS to IE 5.0 PC only, so I don't have to use browser detection or a nav bar
of images.

I'm thinking along the lines of the NS4 @import thing.

(Also, are there any stats around that break down IE5 into 5.0 and 5.5? We
don't currently know how large our 5.0 proportion is.)

Any ideas or advice will be much appreciated,



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