[thelist] illustrator color shift

Geoff Sheridan web2k2 at premonition.co.uk
Fri Oct 4 05:05:01 CDT 2002

>Does he mix RGB and CMYK colours? In AI8 you can - in
>  > AI9 you can't - colours are converted.
>He said he selected them all and converted them to
>RGB before he sent them to me. When I went to open it, I got the alert that
>said there were both CMYK and RGB and what did I want to convert to. I
>selected RGB. If I go to File-Document Color Mode, RGB is selected. If I
>select any image and go to Filter-Colors, convert to CMYK is grayed out and
>I can select Convert to RGB. That shouldn't be, should it?

You also mentioned that he uses gradients. If I remember correctly
AI8 will not convert colours in gradients automatically. You have to
manually change every incidence of a colour[1]. When your artist
converts all to RGB he will get an alert to the effect of 'colours
used in gradients were not converted'. I certainly remember getting
this when changing from spot colours to CMYK for press in AI8.

Regarding the embedded images -  AI doesn't reliably[2] convert
colour space of embedded images so link them[3] if you plan to use
multiple colour spaces. Best bet is to use the destination colour
space throughout the workflow. Convert colour spaces of bitmap images
in PS only.

Try opening it after changing your colour settings (edit>colour
settings) between a) Emulate AI6 b) Colour Management off and maybe
c) emulate PS4  ...and see what you get.
The reason I think this is worth trying is it will change the
separation table AI uses to convert the colours.



[1] Yep. What a pain!
[2] Or at all?
[3] An option on import, both files must then be sent together

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