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Fri Oct 4 06:22:01 CDT 2002

Geoff Sheridan wrote:
> But Billy didn't change his default font size because he didn't know
> he could, or he didn't think he needed to because nearly all the
> sites he visits specify px font sizes.
> So your site with font size set to 1em looks pants, with massive 16px
> type and Billy thinks you are incompetent.
> Billy's wrong, but unfortunately that doesn't make you right.

No way.  If Billy doesn't know he can change his font size, then he
certainly ain't gonna be competent enough to deem the developer
incompetent for not setting it either.

We had this exact same topic earlier this week.

My argument is that Billy won't be just seeing one site with huge text
-- there will be a fair few of 'em.  And even with no tech knowledge
whatsoever, he will still know something is wrong, and will want to
change it.  Eventually, he'll either work out how, or he'll ask someone
else to show him.  Then your site is screwed.  At your setting, he
probably won't even realise those squiggles are actually lines of text.

> Me? I set base font size at 80% and then size other text in ems.

Have you ever seen that on a Mac?  Aaron is correct, it's for all
intents & purposes unreadable.

What you're doing is making a massive assumption that everyone has good
enough eyesight to see tiny text.  I'm sure you know that this simply
isn't true.

 > So there.

but obviously you don't care.

> g

No, I wouldn't sign my name either  ;)

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