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Fri Oct 4 09:35:00 CDT 2002

Geoff Sheridan wrote:
> Quite surprised to get flamed for my opinion on this.

Not meant to be a flame, and I'm really sorry that it comes across that way.

> I am a Mac user. As it happens I put the 80% in an @imported
> stylesheet, and NN4 (the 'mac' you are talking about) gets 12px in a
> <linked> stylesheet.

But what's your default?  I have a client that have Macs throughout the
office, (and each staff member may or may not have made their own
changes to various settings), and we've tested a whole range of config's
and in general this was not the case for them.  Of course there are
exceptions, according to their individual settings.

> If I made this assumption I would set my font sizes in px. The whole
> point of setting them in relative units is to improve accessibility -
> they *can* be resized which is A Good Thing.

> The sad fact is that there is no perfect solution to this and I
> simply don't agree that setting default less than 100% is evil.

so true.  and neither do I... merely trying to present the other side of
the case

> It is up to the designer / developer to choose which downside they
> are willing to accept. That I came to a different conclusion to yours
> does not mean I am ignorant or 'don't care'.

I apologise again - I wasn't meaning to say that.  I caught a tone of
facetiousness/fun in your comments ("So there.") and ran with that...

I agree 100% with what you say -- that there is no good solution -- and
in particular that "It is up to the designer / developer to choose which
downside they are willing to accept."  Excellent comment.  I'm not a
nazi about this, and have used smaller sizes at times myself.  In fact I
generally use pixels... so I'm really not one to talk, but I also can't
ignore my experience.

As Rob pointed out, until browser makers come to terms with "the real
world" this is always going to be a grey area.

Sorry Geoff, no disrespect intended.

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