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Fri Oct 4 11:56:17 CDT 2002

This one is mostly dedicated to the OS and browser developers out there,

It´s nice to see that most web browsers now offer smooth antialiasing of
system fonts on web pages ...

... but ...

Where are the fonts dear OS and browser developers?

Do web designers still have to struggle with not even a handful of available
system fonts which work for MacOS X and Windows?

It would be nice to have a couple of font families for web designers and IT
developers to build appealing web sites and rich content web pages in the
near future.

I think most web designers would like to work with font families such as
Sans, Serif, Slab-Serif etc... :

- Regular
- Extended
- Condensed

What would be really innovative once in a while would be the possibility to
embed ones own fonts such as the TrueDoc technology developed by Bitstream
and supported by Netscape browsers some time ago. I really don´t understand
why this extraordinary technology has never become a standard on the

I believe the browser battle never gave this font embedding technology a
real chance!

I think CSS offers many useful color and textstyle features and many web
designers and IT developers would be grateful to work efficently with CSS
attributes to create typography rich web pages.

But where are the fonts???

We need more typography on the web dear OS and browser developers! Got the
message!? I hope so ...

graphically yours,

Marc Kleín - PXL Operator

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