[thelist] IE 5.0 PC and CSS inline element

Bill Mason evolt at accessibleinter.net
Fri Oct 4 13:36:01 CDT 2002

At 10:03 AM 10/04/2002, Bird, Graham wrote:
>Are there any CSS workarounds to present different CSS to IE 5.0 PC only,
>so I don't have to use browser detection or a nav bar of images.

I generally use the comment bug for IE5.0/PC issues:
selector/* */ {styles}

This does also hide the CSS from IE4 (which sounds like might not be an
issue for you) and IE5/Mac (which probably is).  I usually write a
selector>selector {same styles again} duplicate rule for IE5/Mac to see
when I need it to.

Bill Mason
Accessible Internet
evolt at accessibleinter.net

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