[thelist] Internet Explorer problem

Chris Blessing webguy at mail.rit.edu
Fri Oct 4 13:52:03 CDT 2002

Todd, I have a similar problem on both my work and home machines.  It's
intermittent though, and if I can't connect to a website (what happens is
the browser sends the request but I never seem to receive anything back), I
just close the browser window and open a completely new instance.  Spawning
a child instance off the "broken" instance yields no help though.

This occurred on both machines after installing the first final release of
M$ .NET.  I've since uninstalled it (yeah right, what a laugh) but I'm still
plagued with the issue.

Is your problem a permanent one or just every so often?

Chris Blessing
webguy at mail.rit.edu

> Happy Friday Everyone!
> I have never had a major problem with Internet Explorer until about a
> week ago.  Now I can't connect to the Internet using it.  Here are my
> specifics:  HP Laptop running WinXP Pro SP1 / IE 6
> At work we are behind a proxy, and at home I am using an SMC Wireless
> Barricade.  When I leave work I make a quick switch - neither of these
> have presented a problem before.  But now all of the sudden I am just
> not able to connect.  What's worse, I can connect to get my email
> (Outlook XP), and also connect to the Internet using Mozilla and
> Netscape.  So this seems to be JUST an IE problem.
> Has anybody else had anything like this happen, or do you have
> suggestions as to what it might be?  I can't even download IE again
> because it says that "I already have a newer version installed".
> Thanks for any help!
> Todd

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