[thelist] JavaScript traps - need input for article

Liorean Liorean at user.bip.net
Sat Oct 5 04:49:01 CDT 2002

Hello Folks!

I'm writing up an article on the traps for a javascript programmer, and I
need input on possible things to take into count. The article will also
includes things that aren't really traps (they work), but that can be done
better in other ways. It's also intended to include a bit of tips on
increasing the performance of scripts.

So, please give me some input. Give me some stuff to put into the article!

(Note that this isn't one of those "Ten most usual errors in javascript"
articles with a target audience of people intending to learn javascript.
It's intended target audience is intermediate to expert javascript

// Liorean, waiting for input

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