[thelist] Urgent Help Requested: No Win Explorer Shell

Joel Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Sat Oct 5 07:01:13 CDT 2002

[ Picked text/plain from multipart/alternative ]
> I was un-installing a number of programs and utilities. One
> of the utilities has removed the Windows GUI from the
> startup group.
> Now, when my PC loads, I get the desktop image. No start
> menu, to task bar, nothing. Nothing at all. By hitting
> control-alt-delete I was able to bring up a window and I can
> navigate around this way, but as you can imagine, it's kind of tough.

Depends hugely on the version, but usually, a reinstall right over the
existing OS works. *DON'T* use the 'Restore' disk that came with your Dell
or <shudder>Gateway</shudder>; it'll wipe your disk and data; but if you've
got a real CD of your original OS, just reinstall. It'll look for missing
files and replace them, but pretty much ignore any files which still exist
(which is also why it *won't* do much for corrupted files; they still exist,
and it ain't smart enough to do any checksums to see if they're hosed.)

It would help a bit to know what version of Windows, and what you removed,
and whether or not you can start in safe mode.


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