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Viveka listmail2 at karmanaut.com
Sat Oct 5 07:01:22 CDT 2002

>Where are the fonts dear OS and browser developers?
>Do web designers still have to struggle with not even a handful of available
>system fonts which work for MacOS X and Windows?
>It would be nice to have a couple of font families for web designers and IT
>developers to build appealing web sites and rich content web pages in the
>near future.
>I think most web designers would like to work with font families such as
>Sans, Serif, Slab-Serif etc... :

At screen resolutions (usually less than 100DPI) all serifs are slab
serifs. Georgia is a good serif font for screen design because it was
intentially designed as a slab serif, whereas Times is not intended
as a slab serif but becomes one at low resolution anyway.

The big problem that stopped font embedding was the reluctance of the
foundries to license their fonts royalty-free, and their hesitance to
sign off on a delivery system due to fears of piracy.
Community-produced fonts ought to be the answer, but alas, typeface
design is *hard*, and doesn't distribute well.

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