[thelist] Aligning tables in Netscape

Grace Teng trfc791 at gmx.net
Sat Oct 5 09:35:00 CDT 2002

In IE, you can use valign or topmargin to force information to the top of a
table cell, right? However, in Navigator, the information remains centered
in the cell.

Here's the scenario. There's a table, two by two. In the top-left cell there
s a logo, in the top right there's the page banner, in the bottom left cell
there's the navigation and in the bottom right, there's content. This is
quite a common layout or concept.

In a page with a lot of content, the user must scroll to see the information
and this places the navigation somewhere around the middle of the page (in
height) instead of at the top.

For an example, look at http://trfc791.f2o.org/quiz.php in IE and Netscape.
How can I force the navigation to move up in Netscape without affecting its
appearance in IE? Please help!

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