[thelist] Urgent Help Requested: No Win Explorer Shell

Benjamin kalos at carolina.rr.com
Sat Oct 5 14:06:00 CDT 2002

 > I was un-installing a number of programs and utilities. One
 > of the utilities has removed the Windows GUI from the
 > startup group.
 > Now, when my PC loads, I get the desktop image. No start
 > menu, to task bar, nothing. Nothing at all. By hitting
 > control-alt-delete I was able to bring up a window and I can
 > navigate around this way, but as you can imagine, it's kind of tough.

The start menu/taskbar et al is the systray (in case it is missing from
your startup group in msconfig).

On a side note:  http://www.mlin.net/StartupCPL.shtml has a utility that
acts just like msconfig and works under 2000/XP.  I copied it into the
Windows/System directory and renamed it msconfig (old habits and all) and
have used it numerous times to control post application install items.


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