[thelist] Driving me nuts

Nik Schramm n at industriality.com
Sat Oct 5 18:39:01 CDT 2002

On 06.Oct.02 01:23 Adam Schwenk wrote

> 	Okay, in photoshop 7, I'm getting these two grey icons up in the
> upper left corner of each window I open up.  Is there any way to remove
> these?  One is a little grey icon with a "01" in it, and the other is
> like a box with a squiggly line through it.  I can't find ANYTHING in
> the manual to explain what the heck these things do and they're blocking
> my viewing window (whoever the "genius" was that thought that one
> up..."Hey let's block the graphic they're trying to work with!" needs to
> be shot).  Can you tell I'm a little frustrated? ;-)

What you are describing is the default slice that photoshop 7 sets up
for each image, just in case you want to create more export slices for
your image. You can disable it by setting ps not to show slices under
view > show > slices (untick the tick) or hide it temporarily by hitting
ctrl + h.

It's true that this is a bit annoying but you'll live.

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