[thelist] Browser bug or table help

Bruce Wilbur thelist at brucew.com
Sun Oct 6 10:15:01 CDT 2002

Andrew Boardman wrote:

> I created a small Web log for a friend at
> http://www.spiritualactivist.org and for some reason the pages shift
> about 5 px depending on the contents, probably because of the table.
It might be helpful to selectively add table borders for diagnostic

I see two places where I'd start troubleshooting.  In the leftmost and
center column nested tables on all pages, the cellpadding attribute
isn't set.  Perhaps a browser default cell padding is forcing the a cell
wider somewhere.  On the home page, looking at the left column, the book
graphic is set the same width as the column.  If the browser is adding
some padding by default, this would be the culprit.

In the rightmost column, but *only* on the home page, I see cellspacing
set to 7.  This may also be affecting the homepage's width.

Your mileage may vary...


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