[thelist] outline formatting w/css

Joseph A Borg jaborg at maltanet.net
Mon Oct 7 15:16:20 CDT 2002

I need to format a text outline, similar to legal text with nested,
numbered paragraph lists...

The {content: } property does not seem to be well implemented, even in
Mozilla 1.1 (or I'm growing gremlins between me ears).

Anyway, for backward compatibility's sake I can think of two scenarios:
1	use two column nested tables with first column having the
	paragraph number and the second the actual content
	(that's what I'm implementing)
2	leave the paras as <p></p> with the numbers added manually
	then adding a :first-line css rule for 5+ browsers to
	indent out the first line.

any valid arguments in favour of one or the other, or maybe a different


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