[thelist] ColdFusion Error Please Help

Frank framar at interlog.com
Mon Oct 7 23:47:01 CDT 2002

On Tuesday, October 08, 2002, 12:18:00 AM, you said:
> Invalid expression format. The usual cause is an error in
> the expression structure. The last successfully parsed
> CFML construct was static text occupying document position
> (12:28) to (12:39).

> The specific sequence of files included or processed is:
> E:\Web\

Still a little bit dicey imo. It would help a little if you
could include the chunk of code around line 12. You most
likely have a function that has been mis-written.

You might have, for example placed a quote, or a comma in
the wrong place, or reversed the order of variables, or put
in something the function can't deal with.

Looking at the chunk of code around that area would help.

Frank Marion
Tel. 416 825 7488
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