[thelist] [OT] Two BBEdit questions

Maurice maurice at graciebarra.be
Tue Oct 8 07:16:01 CDT 2002

On dinsdag, okt 8, 2002, at 13:32 Europe/Brussels, Peter-Paul Koch

> I'm running BBEdit 6.0 but there are two things I don't understand and
> the
> Help function doesn't seem to function (or, in fact, help):
> 1) Why does it refuse to open some (but not all) HTML files unless you
> choose "Show: Any file" in the Open menu? I can't drag some (but not
> all)
> HTML files to the BBEdit alias because it simply doesn't accept them.
> Instead, I have to open the file from BBEdit, requiring more work.
> How do I change this?
Under preferences > file types, choose add and go find the files it
won't open.
Now BBedit should open them all.

> 2) How do I do a word count of a file?

You'll find that under Window > Get info



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