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Tue Oct 8 08:35:01 CDT 2002

Jason Lustig wrote:
> If you want to see a screenshot of what it looks like on my computer
> (which is what I was going for), you can take a look at
> http://www.buffalo.edu/~lustig/screenshot.jpg.

Looks just like that in Moz 1.1 on W2K.  Nice, although I'm also not
sure about the positioning of the content...  I guess mainly cos I'm so
used to seeing it start at the same horizontal level as the nav.  Yours
is kinda like seeing a toaster with the slots on the side - still works,
just takes some getting used to.

One comment - you've got all the alumni email addresses publicly
harvestable on those pages, also the AIM details...  may be worth
considering securing that area, or looking into an email hiding/parsing
script or something..

also, whenever a menu option is too wide for the column, it extends over
the column border (e.g. " membership/programming home" link on calendar
page when viewed at 800x600)

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