[thelist] querystring appending

David.Cantrell at Gunter.AF.mil David.Cantrell at Gunter.AF.mil
Tue Oct 8 08:38:02 CDT 2002

>If you have a link like this <a href="?querystring">something</a>, IE will
>append the querystring to the current filename when the link is clicked.
>Other browsers, namely Opera and Moz will not.

Here's a very simple workaround that DOES work in Mozilla 1.1 for WinXP, at
least using IIS:

	<a href="./?querystring">something</a>

I have tons of links in a new design I'm working on here, and each
subsection has a central file managing all links between files within that
section to reduce file relationships. I have links that look like this:

	<a href="./?action=home">Main Page</a>
	<a href="./?action=webteam">Contact the Web Team</a>
	<a href="./?action=problemreport">Submit a Problem Report</a>

All those links are within the /contact folder and they are routed by the
server to default.asp.

Links to other areas would reference the folder and action, e.g.:

	<a href="/calendar/?action=events.calendarview">Calendar</a>
	<a href="/?action=homepage">Homepage</a>


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