[thelist] Unix hosting servers getting running again

Scott McPhee scott at rigent.com
Tue Oct 8 08:57:06 CDT 2002

I can only read your message with a Jon Lovitz impersenation - "a friend of
mine - yeah that's it, a friend - he ... um...  "accidentally" destroyed an
entire company - yeah it was an ACCident ..."  :)

In most cases if the UNIX or LINUX server is configured correctly - and the
plug was just pulled- then restarting the machine should restart everything
you need.  Servers can usually be restarted remotely by root so when you're
remote you need to depend on everything restarting without you sitting at a
terminal - and if you have a lot of servers - a terminal for each box....
hmm... pain in the butt.  I guess there is always a possibility that you
would have hard drive damage or something of the sort but as you said- it
depends on the problem.


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> Hi All
> This is purely as a matter of interest so fire away at leisure :)  First
> example:  A hosting companies server 7 goes down leaving 100 domains
>   what would be the procedure to get them all back up and running.  ok it
> depend on the problem, of course it would.  Lets just say for the
> that someone walks past the server and trips over the mains supply lead
> pulls the plug!
> Andrew
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