[thelist] MS SQL DB hand over

Adam Slesinger badlanners at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 8 11:27:01 CDT 2002

Hi everyone,

I'm very new to working with MS SQL Server.  I've done websites with ASP and
Access before, but am just starting to work with SQL Server.  So, please
forgive the utter ignorance of this question!

I created a Database and website that uses it.  Now the client needs those
things on their server.  They don't want to give me access to their server
yet and so I can't create or transfer the DB onto their server.  They,
instead, asked for me to send the DB to them.  With Access, I know it's a
mdb file.  I'm not sure what they need from me in the form of physical files
for this SQL DB

The client seems to be as clueless as I am.  They asked for backup of the
DB, and I did just that - backed up the DB to a file and sent them that.
However, I'm not sure if you can restore a DB to a different Server Group
with only that file.  Do they need the LDF and MDF files as well?

I feel like a moron.  Can somebody give me a quick lowdown on what steps I
need to do to get this DB to the client, and perhaps the steps on what they
would do with what I gave them?  I am famliar with setting up the ODBC
connection after the DB is in place...

Thanks so much!

Adam 'bread_man' Slesinger

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