[thelist] Meta Refresh does on one, but not on another....

Ditty, Chris - Memphis, TN CDitty at email.usps.gov
Thu Oct 10 08:52:02 CDT 2002

Hello all, Happy soggy Memphis morning to ya.

I am having a heck of a time troubleshooting a meta refresh problem.  It works
on our development and staging servers, but not in production.  It is the same
code/page on each machine.  Anyone have any idea what could be preventing the
meta refresh from running?

The machine it is happening on is an NT machine running IIS5.  The development
and staging are IIS4.  To throw another catch into this problem, another
co-worker has the same problem on our Unix boxes just in reverse.  Works in
production, but not in development.

Anyone have ANY ideas on what can be preventing this to run?

<META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh"; content="3605; url=http://IP_ADDRESS/Index.htm">



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