[thelist] Perl, PHP, Zope and CMS - are they only for programmers?

James Odell jrodell at xsinet.co.za
Thu Oct 10 11:35:17 CDT 2002

Hi from an old newbie

I have been following the discussion on Content Management Software with
interest. I also am just a graphic designer trying to cope with the ever
widening skills required for web sites these days. Yes, I know, I should be
bringing in others. But there's always the allure that software will do the
trick. And Windows software has allowed me to get the job done. Well,  up to
a point. But I notice that Perl, PHP and Zope are kindly open source (free)
software and I have tried to install them on my Win platform, but I'm
drowning. It's all so foreign to me.

Is there some light at the end of the tunnel? Has the Unix flavoured
software progressed to resemble Window software? I'm getting into hot water
here. I must confess I had fleeting glimpses of Unix's in action many many
years ago, so I'm really in the dark here. I bet you're chuckling as a
programmer thinking what's the problem - its easy - get on with it!

But seriously, what I really want to know is whether Perl and the others are
all command driven - do I have to type in commands for the programme to
work - like DOS or does Perl resemble Windows where I click to get things

Is there someone out there who has broken the camels back and is still alive
to tell the tale? Or are these packages purely for programmers (don't worry
I have a huge respect for you guys).

Pray tell me.

James Odell

jrodell at ripplewebs.com

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