[thelist] RE: updating a record?

Jeremy Weiss jweiss03 at comcast.net
Sat Oct 12 22:51:01 CDT 2002

>> SearchStr = "SELECT cmacount FROM zip_tbl WHERE zipcode
>> Like '%" & Replace(zipcode, "'", "''") & "%' "
> sorry, i don't do ASP, however, please note that depending on what the
> enters for the zipcode, the above query may return more than one row
> do you really want to update the counter on more than one row at a time?

Actually, the table that this is querying has zip code as the primary key.

>> RS.Close
>> Set RS = Nothing
> sorry, can't help myself, i just find this bit of coding hilarious

Um... why?  It was my (limited) understanding that this was 'proper'

> Check out this article:
> http://www.aspfaq.com/show.asp?id=2320
> Wade

Thanks for article, and the site.  I've already printed off several pages.
Unfortunately, it still isn't working. ;(  I'll keep digging and hacking at


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