[thelist] How to prevent web site piracy & copyright infringement?

Scott pippen at bigpond.net.au
Sun Oct 13 17:59:01 CDT 2002

: >... I don't know if we will get anywhere with it.

A few thoughts:

- everyone trawls sites they visit for snappy new
  approaches and ideas. That is what makes the world
  tick. The sharing of ideas promotes further learning.
  If something you designed is borrowed and improved
  upon and becomes a web standard - you just have to
  smile, sit back and think "I started that trend" ;)

  More than likely what inspired you to do that new design
  inspired someone else and you'll see it sooner or later
  somewhere else anyway.

- imitation is flattery

- the web started free - lets keep it so (as much as we can)

- designing a cool site or widget is half the fun isn't it?

Although similar to what stef said:

Sure, take my idea and play with it, but if you take my site
and screw with it - that's a whole different story...
I know of one site in particular I did a long time ago that I
cried when I saw what was done to it later on.

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