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Anthony Baker lists at thinkbigideas.com
Sun Oct 13 22:33:00 CDT 2002

Insofar as I know, nope.

It's up to the user to have applications onhand that read
and interpret your XML feed. I happen to use an all called
FreeReader for the PC.

All I do is click on a subscribe button on the app, and
then enter in the url for the XML file. If the file is
valid, it will automatically list the title of the site/feed
and away I go...

I subscribe to several Userland XML feeds -- all they had to
do was provide me with the badge/link to their file.

Freeloader is one of many such RSS/XML readers. One of the
other very popular ones is Amphetadesk.

Here's a link to a site containing pointers and info to a
bunch of RSS readers:




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| I'm considering  the best way(s) to create a RSS newsfeed from HTML
| hosted on an Apache site. I use Userland Frontier to create the HTML so
| I can easily create the XML for stand RSS, but then what. Is there more
| than badging my page so that newsreaders can link to the rss page?
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